Does your bike meet the "new national standard" licensing requirements?

Electric bicycles are a convenient means of transportation and an effective tool for people to travel the last mile. However, in addition to electric bicycles on the road,
there are pedestrians, bikes, and trucks... If there are no corresponding regulations, it will cause a chaotic traffic environment.
The issue of electric bicycle rectification has been the focus of controversy in recent years.
 On the one hand, there are doubts about the electric bicycle products on the market. A large number of illegally modified electric bicycles bring serious safety risks.
The second is the problem of driving planning. Due to various factors, the chaotic driving behavior of electric bicycles has a serious impact on road safety.
Starting from April 15 this year, with the formal implementation of the new national standard for electric bicycles, electric bicycles will be further standardized.
The "new national standard" stipulates that the maximum design speed of electric bicycles is adjusted from 20km/h to 25km/h and modification is prohibited.
The mass of the vehicle including the battery is adjusted from 40kg to 55kg, and the motor power is adjusted from 240W to 400W.
This means that most of the electric bicycles currently on the market do not comply with the regulations.
This type of electric bicycle is called an over-standard electric bicycle.
The "new national standard" also stipulates that electric bicycles need to be licensed before they can go on the road.
This is divided into electric bicycles that meet the standard and those that exceed the standard.
Those that meet the standard are on official licenses, and those that exceed the standard are temporary licenses.
They can only be driven within the specified time. If the time is exceeded, they are likely to be deducted. The bike is even fine!
So the question is, how do you see if it meets the standards when buying a bike?
Don't panic, just look for the 3C compulsory product certification management mark!
Chirrey Technology's products have passed the 3C standard certification, which means that the company's
products are all compliant electric bicycles, and can be on the road normally.